Summary of season 2011-2012


For the beginning of the hunting season our fully-loaded had to cross deep rivers to deliver all the goods needed in camp:


The bukara (camp accomodation) are all refurbished and ready for the guests:

During half a year of intense hunting we had both young

and experienced trophy hunters sophisticated in hunting in many African countries .

During the season 2011-2012 almost all of the quotas for large animals (iland Derby, lion, elephant) in our zone have been covered. Satisfied customers are now looking forward to their trophies in Russia, where they are expected towards the end of the year:

During the whole season there was an active antipoaching campaign going on.An essential achievement was the significant increase in population of iland in ZIC26, «Africam Safaris»

Fishing trophies were appreciated by the guests as much as their successful shots:

And, of course,  the apotheosis of the season was a trophy of incredible, amazing, legendary iland Derby. 52 inches! 132 centimeters! Trophy of our hunter Sergei Anisov- a man who does not give up. An experienced fisherman, he have traveled halfway around the world.And it was his first time hunting in Africa!


We look forward to seeing you in the 2012-2013 season!


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