“Africam Safaris” and Warminting competition

“Africam Safaris” sponsored a  “Tenth Russian Warminting Competetion in memory of Yuri Sletov”, taking place in Rostov region in July 2012. Our company put up a prize for the third of the MOOiR team was honored with this award place in the Hunter class for the individual-team event  – a free trip to our hunting concession for a ‘Small hunt’. Sergey Shpuntov of the MOOiR team was honored with this award . 
For the first time in history of the tournament three teams finished up with the same score. According to the regulations of the competetion, in this case the distance of the shot helps decide a winner.

1st place in the team MOOiR – 9 points / 7675 m /
2nd place team at the “Safari” – 7 points / 5830 m /
3rd place in the team “Taimyr Mile” – 7 points / 5611metrov /
4th place team from the “Russian Bear” with 7/4966 m /.

Among the team members the best results in its class were:

A.Skuratov (3034 meters DEX)
E.Kopeykin (3820 meters TCE)
M.Mogilevtsev (2327 meters OK.)

 “Africam Safaris”   congratulates all the winners and wishes the participants of the future tournaments more well-aimed shots.

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