Our hunter Igor has a remarkable safari with Africam Safaris.  This is his  10-th safari- a number to celebrate.  The taste for adventure, love for wildlife, luck and determination in hunting – all that  made Igor return to Africa again and again. His travels started in Cameroon and continued in Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Burkina Faso. Igor’s trophy collection was replenished yearly.  And he chose to come to Cameroon again.

A little more than a week  spent in Africam Safaris  camp, and our hunter can proudly show his  new trophies:

Lord Derby Eland




waterbuck Defassa


Buffon cob


Grimm’s duiker


red-flanked duiker.


While resting between the hunts Igor  used to take fishing gear  and go fishing with the same passion,  so he managed to catch such worthy fishes:




tiger fish

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