The results of 2012-2013 season

The success  of every safari  depends first of all on quantity and quality of the trophies. During 2012-2013 season,  and not for the first time, our clients return home after a 100% lucky hunting. The trophies of  elephant, lion, roan and even  Lord Derby Eland – this is the result of constant work of our hunters.

Here is the result of the last season: 5 buffalos, 6 Defassa waterbucks, 6 hartebeasts, 2 elands, a lion, 3 elephants, 2 roans  and a jackal. There also duikers, Buffon kobs, oribis,  reedbucks, serval and other trophies.

Africam Safaris conducts a great work to sustain the  quantity of game  animals  in  its lands so that the hunters could  be fully satisfied by safari and their trophies.

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