About us

«Africam Safaris Savane SARL» was founded in early 80’s by a Frenchman named Alain Raoul.

Alain came to Cameroon for a hunt and was so charmed by the country and its nature that he decided to establish a hunting company to host safaris. That is how «Africam Safaris» started. In the following years Alain became one of the most respectable and famous professional hunters not only in Cameroon, but in all equatorial Africa. Lots of outstanding trophies were obtained with Alain’s help, and his name is forever inscribed in trophy books and in the history of the hunting fraternity.

Unfortunately years went by and, because of his age, it has become more and more difficult for Alain to accompany the hunters, so he made a decision to sell his famous company. The Russian hunters, who had visited Alain Raoul several times, first as clients, then –as assistants of a professional hunter, became the new owners (for the first time in Africa!)

It was just natural for the Russians to make the next step –getting the professional hunters license. So nowadays “Africam Safaris” is the first and only company in Africa that is owned by the Russians and works with professional Russian hunters.

We are the first and still the only hunting camp in Central Africa where you can get a two-channel satellite internet 24 hours per day! If you want to talk to your family on Skype or send a photo taken an hour ago to your friends – it is as easy as that!

Some of the trophy animals you can hunt in our area are unique: for example Lord Derby Eland, Nigerian bohor reedbuck, python, kob, sing-sing waterbuck, red flanked duiker, harness bushbuck, western hartebeest, western roan, western bush duiker, red river hog, and savannah buffalo. Your African trophy collection is not complete without them!

The majority of our crew have been with the company for more than 10 years, and some of them are already a second generation of our staff. The cooks work in the restaurants of Garoua — the biggest city in Northern Cameroon, for the off-season, so each of our guests is offered a menu of various dishes from fish to chicken, beef, game.

Our company has a policy whereby we do not allow more than 2 hunts to be conducted in the area at the same time, even though the size of our hunting area is over 100 000 hectares (which gives a possibility of hosting more safaris at the same time). The reason why we have only 2 hunters in the area is to maximize chances of their success without interrupting each other. This is our policy we are going to stick to.

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