For Hunter

Cameroon remains the only country on the Black continent where traditional African hunt is still possible – only in this country you will be able to hunt wild animals that have never seen a fence without constant surveillance of  gamescouts and other government officials.

90% of the hunting process is spent tracking- following the trail of an animal.
It isn’t a physically easy task, yet it gives you a real, pure feeling of being one at one in a duel with a strong, decent opponent. In here both the animal and the hunter are in relatively same positions- endurance versus endurance, cunning against cunning. Hunter’s ability to shoot from a far distance is opposed by the animal’s senses and, to be honest, the odds often favor the latter.

Every hunter will be able to find something special in Cameroon, something that will make him come back for more: an opportunity to add endemic species that are impossible to find anywhere else to your trophy collection; a chance to encounter one of the most fierce bulls on the continent- the savannah buffalo; unique flora and fauna that together make the beautiful nature life of Cameroon; the last, but not the least- the feeling of being away from the ‘big city’

Moreover, bow hunting is legal in Cameroon, which means you can hunt any animal, allowed for trophy hunting, with a bow- from a tiny Duiker to an Elephant!

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