Hunting equipment

If your desired trophies are antelopes only- any variant of .300 Magnum (.300 WM, .300 WSM, . 300 RUM etc), .338WM or .375 ( .375 H&H Magnum etc) is enough;
375 and more is recommended if your target is roan or waterbuck;
For buffalo, hippo, iland, lion- we recommend .416 caliber or more;
If your target is lion then the recommended caliber should be not less than .458 WM.

Taking into account the necessity of adjusting your gun before your hunt, we recommend a specific amount of ammunition to be brought with you:
For antilopes: atleast 40 soft point bullets (we recommend bullets with controlled expansion such as Barnes-X, Oryx, Swift-A-Frame, EVO and others);
For buffalo, hippo, elephant or iland: atleast 20 soft point bullets (Barnes Solid i.e.);
We recommend adjusting your gun for a distance of 150 meters (in case of having a .375 or less) by checking and remembering the hits at closer distance; and 100 meters (.416 or more) with checks at 50, 30 and 15 meters.

In our opinion, an optimal binocular for a hunter should have no more than 8x magnification with lenses diameter of 40-45mm. Binoculars with further magnification are not recommended due to a more limited field of view while ones with bigger lenses would be too heavy (You shouldn’t forget that there is alot of walking to be done in Cameroon!).
Our recommendation is Swarovski EL 8×32 WB and Swarovski EL 8,5×42 WB. These binoculars have been serving our hunters well for many years: with the great quality of optics they also are waterproof and light-weighted.

Just like with the binoculars, you shouldn’t go for the bigger magnification as the shots to a very far distance are rare in Northern Cameroon, so having a 4x-6x scope is sufficient enough.
Minimal magnification should be chosen if you are going to hunt dangerous animals, like elephant, hippo or buffalo, as the possibility of a very close distance shot is high. In this case an ideal variant would be Swarovski Z6 1-6×24. With backlight on and minimal magnification it works as a collimator for minimal distance; however, with magnification increased, it becomes a good scope for far distance shots.
For .416 and higher caliber guns we recommend using a Swarovski Z6 1-6×24 variant with increased space between the scope and the eye in order to avoid injuries while having to shoot very quick.
Handle your optics with care, don’t forget batteries for the backlight of your scope and a special tissue for cleaning the lenses (microfibre tissue i.e.).

Bow hunting:
Bow hunting is allowed in Cameroon, the animals you can hunt are the same as for the traditional hunting. All the equipment for bow hunting is available for rent.

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