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The area of Northern Cameroon is rich in rivers of all sizes. After the rain season ends (which is in December) the rivers, disregard their sizes, are full, however, with increase in average temperature water level gets down in the little ones so the fish and other inhabitants have to move to a larger water reservoir.
There are quite alot of rivers on the territory of ZIС № 26 (where “Africam Safaris” camp is), main ones being Mayo-Oldiri, Mayo-Coni, Mayo-Rul (on the camp territory), with a variety of species of fish. Water lever at Mayo Coni and Mayo Rul rivers falls as it gets closer to the end of the season (april-may) while Mayo Oldiri stays full at all time.Moreover, Mayo Oldiri flows into Benue river which is just a couple dozen kilometers away from our camp.
Most interesting rivers in regards of professional fishing are Benue and Mayo Oldiri, as they are homes to Nile Perch (Lates Niloticus), locals call these fish ‘kapitan’ or ‘pela’. In 2009 two record Nile Perch fishes were caught by our client- a 34 kilo one on Mayo Oldiri river and an 84 kilo one on Benue. Tiger fish (Hydrocynus) species is represented by 3 different types in those waters as well as various catfish species, some of them weighted up to 10 kilogramms!

Fishing gear:
We’ve got everything you need for successful fishing in our camp, however, if you prefer your own gear- a rod of 210-280mm with test up to 200 gramms is recommended with inertialess (not less than 5000 by Shimano classification) or multiplier reel. We recommend purchasing rods and reels from well known producers- all African fish are very strong, especially Nile Perch, and it could easily damage the gear of inadequate quality. Braided fishing line with fissure test of no less than 20 kilograms should be used, as for its length- 100 meters is enough. ‘Wobblers’ are doing very well so far, especially Rappala (CD18, CD22 Magnum Floating, Super Shad Rap sinking and floating), Storm etc. Keep in mind that the depth of ZIC №26 rivers rarely extend 1-1,5 meters. Jerkbaits are also showing good results (Salmo Fatso i.e.) and big baits from soft plastic- in example 18-20cm long ‘vibro tails’. So far the following bait colors are showing the best results: blue and white, blue and red, white and red, silver and green.

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