Yellow fever vaccination certificate is obligatory to enter Cameroon.

We also recommend typhoid, meningitis, hepatitis A&B and tetanus vaccinations.

World Health Organization advices travelers in Cameroon to take malaria preventive medicine, such as “Malaron” or others-consult your physician about which one suits you better.
Do not forget that some medicine are to be used before the actual trip to Cameroon and require some time after the safari for the treatment to finish.

The medicines  used for malaria  treatment   have been popular lately. In Cameroun they are Coartem or Artequin ( new generation of Coartem both for adults and children).  Full treatment course is  three  days long/ We recommend to purchase these medicines as soon as you get to the camp  and keep them  when you return home. They cost  very little ( about 6 euro) and are sold in every drug store. 

We recommend obtaining a medical insurance that will cover the medical expenses if there is any need for them.

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