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Waterbuck Defassa- Sing Sing


Despite its name, those animals are not the the inhabitants of water, but often hide from predators in the safety of water or in swamps.These are good swimmers who are not afraid of deep water, especially when it is necessary to escape the predators Waterbucks produce offspring after a gestation period of 9 months, and it is always only one calf. He may be born at any time of year, butpeak fertility occurs in the summer.
In the wild herds of these animals consist of a bull, a few heifers and young calves. The composition of the herd may change as watergoats roam freely, leaving, and heading for a new community. Spiralhorns of up to 40 inches of the head decorate only the males.

Полный текст на http://www.izhzoo.ru/zoonews/1780-telenok-vodyanogo-kozla-v-angliyskom-zooparke.html


52-inch Eland


Unbelievable trophy obtained by our hunter Sergey, absolutely the largest Lord Derby Eland shot in ZIC26, 52-inch horns!